Resignation from AppLovin & Lion Studios


I would like to announce that I will be leaving AppLovin and Lion Studios today (Jan 11, 2019).

Since I started working for AppLovin as the first local person in Japan, it has always been fun and challenging in the past 3.5 years,

The business size of AppLovin Japan has grown from almost nothing to a multiple million dollars per month, which has somewhat contributed to the global business growth.

We now have a nice office and more than 10 best and brightest members, while we had no local colleagur, no office, no corporation in Japan 3.5 years ago.

No one in Japan knew AppLovin when I started (I didn’t even know it 3 months before I had joined lol), but now it is recognized as one of the best performing marketing platform for mobile apps and games (as well as, or some say even better than, Google and Facebook).

I was luckily involved in the strategic new initiative, publishing business of Hyper Casual Games, over the last one year.
It was such a dynamic and exciting challenge for me, especially because it was my first time working with clients from all around the world (not specifically Japanese clients) targeting global market (not Japanese market).

All those challenges were the great opportunity for my personal growth, and I really appreciate it that this (I think one of the best in the world) company game me such a wonderful chance.

AppLovin does have great products and the timing was good too, but I could not have achieved all above without tremendous support from our clients, partners, colleagues, and my family.
I sincerely want to THANK EVERYONE whom I and AppLovin have interacted with directly or indirectly.

As a next step, I will be helping a European startup expanding their business into Japan as the first local person from next month.
It is not an ad network, not a specifically mobile-focused, not a gaming company.
(Still in the marketing and technology field though)

Back to the office-less days again. lol 
I am already very excited about the new challenge.

Wish me the best luck!
I wish you all the best luck too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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