Unity Cloud Build、Everyplay、Unity Ads、Unity Analyticsの概要説明と成功事例 #unity2015tokyo

speaker: Carl Callewaert <Unity Technologies>

Unity Cloud Build

  • source control > detect commits > build in the cloud > install & test
  • you can build with your mobile device without Unity installed
  • admin function (add users)
  • simply click "Build in Cloud" in File menu on Unity


  • mind shift from "how can I find a player" to "how does a player find my game?"
  • virality is the key of discoverability, then AppStore and video
    • however, heavy player ratio is higher by video
  • achieve the community grows the community itself
  • Skyline Skaters, Angry Birds
  • community is auto generated
  • easy to find Share button, engage/challenge players with meta data, start recording automatically
  • edit replay (add audio, etc)
  • 18MM register users, 6MM replays, 800 games use Everyplay

Unity Ads

  • vast majority of users are not playing IAP (2%)
  • ads is meaningful - 20-30% of total revenue
  • fast/simple implementation
  • create a desire to watch
  • 4 of top 10 free games monetize with Unity Ads
  • advertiser pay per install only
  • integration advice
    • implement more and more ad units, and activate / deactivate them
  • 日本語での詳細


  • open beta
  • active plaers, sessions, retention, revenue
  • segments (country, demographics, 4-7 days active, etc)
  • funnel setup


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